Any teachers in need want a local teacher exchange person for art or crafting supplies?

So, finances are tight at the moment but I loved participating in Redditgifts for the Teachers last year. I would get great pleasure from going to the Scrap Exchange in Durham and filling up bags of used but fun stuff for a local teacher who that would be useful for. I am afraid if I sign up and an randomly matched that might not be helpful for my giftee's class. If this would be helpful to any of you (and I know it's not much) please let me know! I love shopping for these exchanges but want to be sure that this gets to someone who doesn't mind my using the Scrap Exchange. 🙂

To be fair, I adore spending hours there anyway and would just be happy having an excuse to shop there for someone else and buying things that would be useful to kids:) I'd even meet you there and we can pick out things together if you want.

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