anyone else struggling with 1 Mbps down with TWC?

It's impeding my day-to-day Internet use including "submitting my resumes to job sites" and "loading Moodle so I can do my coursework." I've resorted leaving my house to do these super high-bandwidth, web-based tasks at NC State, because I can't do them reliably here.

I pay $65/month for 50 down/5 up, but TWC is refusing to help since I "own a router." It is the same across devices, and the standard troubleshooting steps (yes, I've power cycled my devices, yes I know what my cache/cookies are) have not helped.

I don't know how to fix it or talk to them. They won't take me seriously. I find it hard to believe that everyone else in the state capitol is dealing with speeds 1/4 the speed of the old definition of broadband.

Friends are trumpeting the joy of Fiber, but that's not exactly useful help. I am seriously considering Windstream, because DSL would be faster at this point.

I live in East Raleigh. It's not a nice part of Raleigh. That's probably relevant.

Edit: This has been going on for over six weeks. It's not new.

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