Anyone have an idea who littered a mile+ stretch of the Ellerbe Trail this weekend with shiny multicolored plastic confetti?

It's unconscientious, a hazard to wildlife, and definitely a crime. It is literally every 10-15 feet, either side of the trail, and you can actively see birds either picking it up off the ground or eating it. Additionally it will have no trouble ending up in Ellerbee creek and Eno river where I assume aquatic wildlife will have their go at it. I'm assuming it was a running club of some sort, but someone needs to be held responsible. The area most affected is the trail connecting W. Club Blvd. and Markham St.

Every couple of days I see employees and volunteers of Durham Parks or the Trail Assoc. clearing brush, conserving native plants, marking trees, and posting informational signs and placards along Ellerbe trail. They do a great job with I assume minimal support from the state and financial contributors. I doubt they'll appreciate this level of disrespect and would probably not like this to go unpunished or resolved. If you don't wish to suggest the individual or organization or group responsible's name on Reddit, please contact one or all of the following:

Durham Open Space and Trails Commission

Durham Parks and Recreation Department

Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association

cheers and thanks

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