Clarification for anyone voting at Smith Middle School in Chapel Hill [x-post from r/chapelhill]

Heads up to anyone new to the area like my wife and I: If your polling place is Smith Middle School on Seawell School Rd, please use the entrance for Seawell Elementary School. After the entrance, there is then a turn off to your right to the middle school (and then plenty of signs). We followed the GPS, and entered the main entrance for Smith Middle which is before Seawell (if coming from Homestead Rd, this is where the big Smith Middle School concrete sign is), and there ARE NO SIGNS THAT YOU'VE ARRIVED AT THE POLLS. This approach takes you to the opposite end of Smith Middle. In fact, there were 4 other voters at 6:45 this morning in the parking lot wondering if they had come to the right spot. Actually, there are two signs at the road that say "Polls" and they point into the woods across the street. We told the poll workers about this — they got defensive and said they had plenty of signs and they were fine. We said a) no, they weren't, otherwise we wouldn't mention it. b) your signs point into the woods which is odd. They said the signs pointing away from the school into the woods somehow should tell people that they need to use the other entrance.

I called NC Voter Protection Hotline. Some rather smug young man answered, and sounded dismissive with just a "yeah, we'll see what we can do about that" (with a smirking tone), so I don't think that will do much.

We put up a makeshift "VOTE HERE" sign on a brick column outside that entrance that we stuck with an "I voted sticker" to try to help.

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