Dave Chappelle in Dunham this November!

Hey Triangle – in case you didn't know, Dave is selling out! http://www.stubhub.com/dave-chappelle-tickets/?location=685;Raleigh-Durham,+North+Carolina

Now, you might be saying – RockyK, don't you work for Goodnights?

I do, but STILL! IT'S DAVE CHAPPELLE! How rad is that?! Of course, you're always welcome to check out the Goodnights calendar and avoid the awesomeness of Dave.

A part of me is glad that Dave is performing at the Durham Performing Arts Center (Seats 2700). Our club can only fit 250+ per show, so performing at a theater means more eyes to see one of the best comedians ever. We love comedy, even if it isn't on our stage!

So do yourself a favor, Triangle. Don't miss out on this!

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