Gyms with weekly memberships or punchcard passes?

While I'm not holding out a lot of hope that this kind of thing exists in this area, figured I'd at least ask. So: does anyone know of a good gym in this area that offers either a true weekly membership (by which I mean, you give them money for one week, and then they have no way of getting any more money from you unless you want to pay for another week), or a punchcard "pay per visit" type of membership? I can see that many gyms offer a "sign up for a trial month, and then you can, like, totally cancel if you're not happy, haha" kind of thing, but past experience with gyms tells me that this is unlikely to be the case. I'm not sure how long I'm going to have to stay in the area, but it may only be a few weeks or a few months, so I'm not at all willing to get into a yearly membership situation.

Ideally I'm hoping for a gym with an indoor track, but at this point lack of that feature isn't a dealbreaker. Also ideally, I'd love for it to be either in Cary or somewhere in western Raleigh, but I guess that's not a dealbreaker either.

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