Hello! I want to film local musicians/bands/artists in their studio/jam spot/practice space and share them with the world via YouTube. Very recent example in comments!

I filmed an amazing local band called "Canine Heart Sounds" recently just for the hell of it. These guys are friends of mine and I felt like their music needed to be shared with the world.
Check out "Live at the Canine House" I'd like to continue this project with other talented people in Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh/etc. Do you know of a band or musician that would be ideal for this project? Let me know! PM me or reply with a link to some music in this thread. This is a passion project of mine and it's purely donation based. If you want to give a little something back, it'll go right back into the production of the project. If you don't have anything to give, no worries! Enough babbling, check out the videos!

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