Help with Hit and Run

Hello community, I'm looking for assistance locating a Red Mazda Millennium (Probably a 2000-2001) which hit my parked vehicle yesterday, then proceeded to flee from the scene. The front passenger area is definitely damaged, given the damage inflicted onto my car. More details: Yesterday morning my car (03' EVO 8) was parked in front of my house when it was struck by another vehicle who proceeded to flee the scene without leaving information. My neighbor provided some security footage where we could not identify the plates, but were able to ID the car. Apex Police can to assist, but couldn't offer too much help without having any information on the other driver. Also, my insurance company is being very uncooperative following the accident as I also do not have any information on the driver. Any help in ascertaining the identity of the assaulting vehicle would be greatly appreciated. Pictures here: Looking forward to your help!

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