I keep getting over charged by the butcher in Harris Teeter

I usually go to the one in Apex, but it's not just that butcher who does it. The worst case was a few weeks ago, crab cakes were $1.99 each and he charged me $4.99 for each of them. I was buying 8 so this was obviously massively over priced.

After I told him the sign said $1.99 each he charged me $2.99 each for them. I had to say it to him a third time before he charged me the correct price.

Today, marinated chicken breast was $3.99 per pound, and he charged me $4.99 per pound. After telling him about it he fixed the price today.

The store is expensive and I only go there for the fruit, veg and meat because the quality is really good but I'm seriously getting sick of being over priced all of the time.

I could easily have listed 8 or 9 other instances of this.

Has anyone else noticed this happening as well? It can't just be happening to me….

EDIT There seems to be some confusion here. The prices I gave were the vic prices. It was the vic price I was looking at when I said he priced it incorrectly. Yesterday, the price of the meat was $6.99 and the vic price was $4.99, but the advertised price was $3.99. He changed it to $3.99 for me. I can show you lads the labels if need be. I still have both of them.

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