Knife Sharpening in RTP, Durham, Raleigh

I would be more than happy to sharpen anything and everything! I charge $1 per inch using japanese water stones going up to 10,000 micro grit or $3 per knife using a belt method going up to 1,000 micro grit. For any serrated knifes I only use the belts so all long serrated knives are $3 and I will do steak knives for $2 and charge a $2 repair fee per knife for fixing the tip or rise. I offer free pick up and delivery to the RTP area and would charge a one time $10 pick up and drop off fee to go out to Raleigh. If you needed this service please feel free to just give me a call any time. (919) 237-2860 Cell (919) 402-6407.
We are still a small operation so when you call just say "I would like to get my knives sharp!" and we will get down to business.
Sincerely, Timothy Barnes of The Professional Edge

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