Looking for a field to have a food fight in

Ideally I'd like to find a plot of land that's…

  • relatively empty on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • not near houses (because of the pests it'll attract).
  • publicly owned (or privately, and easy to get permission), but not a park.

I'm willing to "rent" the land from a homeowner or business, or have a quick and dirty fight on an unused piece of public land. Renting shelters in parks is out of the question because of the mess it'll leave behind. I don't think this is against the law (is it littering if it's biodegradable after a heavy rain?*) but I don't want to trespass, either.

*ETA: OK, YES IT'S LITTERING. New plan: We'll put down drop cloths and take it all with us when we leave.

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