Looking for a new home for a young bearded dragon with metabolic bone disease!

Hey everyone!

My girlfriend and I recently acquired a young bearded dragon with metabolic bone disease. He was at risk of being euthanized because he was considered unsaleable at the store, but we were allowed to take him home.

Unfortunately, we do not have room to raise him! We already have two adult bearded dragons, and we live in a one bedroom apartment, so we're looking for someone who can give him a permanent home.

Say hi to Sinbad!

Sinbad has MBD, so his legs don't work correctly. His front legs work decently, but tend to fold under his body when he rests, like in the picture. His rear legs are worse, and he rarely uses them when climbing and jumping. Other than the MBD, he is in great shape. He eats well, and has great energy and a great spirit.

He's about 8 inches long right now, and will probably not grow to more than 14 inches since his growth is a little stunted. (For comparison, both of our adult beardies are about 18 inches long.)

We're looking for someone who has had experience with reptile pets before and is willing to give a loving home to a "damaged" animal. Can you take Sinbad home?

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