Looking to Relocate to Raleigh and surrounding area!

A couple months ago I was laid off of my job, and I have been searching since. My fiance and I have set our eyes on the Raleigh and surrounding area to Relocate from Buffalo, NY. She has family in the area, and I am planning on taking a trip down late January for a week or so to take interviews and search for a job. My fiance on the other hand is finishing up her Masters in Public Health this spring, and then planning to start searching for a job for herself in the Raleigh area. I have: A B.S in business administration with a concentration in finance. 5 years in highway maintainance (class b hazmat tanker and forklift cert.) 1 year in a retail setting Skills in computer maintainance and exceptional office skills. And various volunteer work. Beyond my resume, my interests including car work, home remodeling, and crafting brews. And definitely my dogs! I have reliable transportation and a strong work ethic. My goals are to work into a manager level position with a dedicated team, and my expectations are to start at the bottom and work my way up in the finance world. I have interests in working in the construction management field, or a government setting (I have been applying rigorously to every position that fits my experience). That being said, I am willing to work in any field, Hospital, Bank, Nursing Home, Small Business, etc. So my question to all of you is, where should I be applying in the area?

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