Lost job, broken down car, any mechanic recommendations?

My company went under and everyone got laid off, hooray!

But, I was planning on getting a new car next month since mine has been broken down for about two months now, but I obviously won't be able to do that without some form of steady income to prove to the bank. And I can't obtain a new job/steady income without transportation to get there… it's a vicious cycle.

Anyway, rather than buy a new car, I'd like to see if someone out there can help me get my shit running just long enough so I can go out to job interviews without having to take an Uber everywhere, as that's not financially viable for someone unemployed. Preferably someone who would work with me on the costs and do it for cheap, or someone who would work on a payment plan to let me pay them back gradually for the work. Dunno if anything exists like that, but it can't hurt to help.

EDIT: Car is a 2001 Honda Accord. It was making a rattling noise for awhile, and then started overheating after being driven for some amount of time. The time seemed to vary but it was usually less than 10 minutes. I know my radiator is bent due to a fender bender.

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