Moving to the area and need help. With the moving. Because of too many pets.


My wife and I are moving to the area, probably in May, but as late as the end of June. She makes high 5, near 6-figures and will work near Research Triangle Park. I will make 1 figure ($0) plus whatever my home business makes (pretty scalable, but less if I'm employed full time). I should be able to find a full-time job making mid to high 5 figures. We would like something less than $1200/month.

The problem is that we have two dogs and two cats (all at least 5 years old, and do not chew/scratch/pee on things). We want a single family house or townhouse because my home business involves lots of shipping so apartments are not ideal.

We're open to urban, suburban, rural, whatever (they all have advantages and disadvantages), but we need to be able to bring our four pets because I'm a sucker and my wife is a sucker and we can't give them up. We have no kids but are mid-30's professionals, so we would prefer to be in a neighborhood with other similarly-aged, educated people.

I've been a redditor forever and seen how helpful it can be, but I've never lived in the triangle, so I'm hoping one makes up for the other.

So, where do I look? What property management companies do you all use? Any landlords looking for a financially stable couple and willing to overlook their fat, lazy pets?

Thank you!

Edit: I'll add that we really don't care about square footage, but do care about being in a reasonably crime-fee area. For what that's worth. We can pay more than $1200 if necessary, but we aren't looking for luxury, just a safe, reasonable place to live.

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