The Bullpen is a must-see when visiting, or living, in Durham! Starting in 2016, The bullpen opened up as a new venue that can bring the community together as one, since it is in the center of everything. Be sure to check them out. Go ahead, give them a click right here for all of your blues needs!










The Durham Performing Arts Center (known as the DPAC to locals) is a wonderful place to view shows, plays, and artistic performances or many types. The DPAC is fun for the whole family, and is especially awesome if you want to check out a Broadway play without the worry of travel! DPAC hosts many Broadway plays so you don’t have to worry about making any travel plans, and can enjoy entertainment at its most amazing form! Check out their website here for more information.























FireShot Screen Capture #070 - 'Carolina Theatre I Downtown Durham, North Carolina' - www_carolinatheatre_org





























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