Need Recommendations for a Carpet “Project Manager”

Service Provider Recommendations Requested

So, bout that home ownership; I'm still figuring it out. I've owned my home long enough that some, but not all, of the carpet needs to be replaced.

Since it isn't all, then I wanted to use some donor pieces of the hallway carpet (that has to go) to rebuild the doorway areas of the bedroom carpet that still has life left, yet have areas are stripped bare of their fibers. My parents did this to patch carpet in my bedroom when they put hard wood floor in their bedroom when I was a wee rugrat, so I know it is a thing that is done.

I am assuming with a job this odd, going to Home Depot/Lowes is not what I am looking for. They appear to only do carpet replacement and not the whole 'patching of the carpet of the other rooms with the carpet that you just yanked out of the hallway' thing.

So I turn to you, /r/triangle for your recommendations of a service provider that can help me and guide me through this process. Someone out there in Reddit land has to have someone who has done similar work and won't rip me off due to my ignorance about how a complex job like this works.

Thanks in advance!

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