Options to getting a Computer Science Degree in the Triangle Area?

In May of 2012 I graduated with an AAS degree in Simulation and Game Development at CPCC in Charlotte. I knew the triangle was a great place to be if I was looking to get into the game industry, and my wife happened to get a great job offer from UNC Healthcare. So, we, with our young son, made the move to Raleigh. I absolutely love it up here, but I have ran into trouble as far as my career path goes. I have yet to find a job with a studio where I meet the qualifications, and it really seemed like I needed a Computer Science Degree, but…. even though I graduated with a 3.4 GPA, all 60 credit hours of my SGD (simulation and game development) classes were completely ignored by NC State, and lets just say I've had a bumpy college career. My last few years of college I really buckled down and was making the president's and dean's lists, but my transcripts are full of Ds, F, and WFs from UNCW, and UNCC.

So to put it simple, I would like to get my computer science degree, but I seem out of options here in Raleigh. It would most likely take a second Associate's Degree that had transferable credit to NC State to get my GPA up high enough to get in. Any advice r/Triangle?

TL;DR: Want a Computer Science Degree, can't get into NC State, need lots of transferable credits to improve my GPA due to ignored credits to get in. Any other options?

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