Reviews while looking to hire homes?

I have a temporary question, and if someone is keen to respond to it, that might be great.

For somebody else who's attempted to hire a home or townhouse on this area, here's my query: what number of landlords/property managers in fact back your emails or calls, or agreed to turn you where if you were given them at the telephone and in brief talked to them? To this point I've had a lower than 6% reaction charge after weeks of contacting completely each position that may be remotely in an appropriate commuting radius and doesn't seem like a complete craphole. After figuring out how extremely low my reaction charge was (some distance, far not up to the reaction price I were given whilst looking to hire in Silicon Valley in an actual property marketplace so aggressive that folks continuously bid on rentals), I ENDED providing any extraneous information approximately myself or my fiance, thinking about if perhaps the issue was that folks right here hate individuals who moved from the West Coast, or hate individuals who paintings in X or Y industries, and even hate other folks whose present administrative center is found in Z a part of the Triangle or regardless of the. simplest closing information they’ve rather then usual pleasantries and the naked logistics (i.e. the truth that we’re trying to hire and could be to be had to look the home at this or that point) is my name, and that has made me begin to surprise.

If you resolution this question, I'd additionally like to realize whether or not your identify is one thing extra within the vein of "Jim Bob Smith" or "Kristi Johnson", or one thing extra within the vein of "Mohammed Haddad" or "Shoshana Cohen" or "Raj Patel".

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