Time Warner Cable – cut my bill and doubled my internet

Long-short: Told TWC I wanted to cut the turbo charge out of my bill. They did and doubled my internet speed. Godbless Google. Moved to Raleigh about 5 months ago: 15mb/s ($35) + 10mb/s ($10). Within 2 months they bumped it to 35mb/s + 15mb/s. Just called to get rid of the turbo to find out they had bumped it again 2 weeks ago to 50 mb/s + 50mb/s. I was fine when I had 25mb/s so I told them to get cut the $10/mo to just 50mb/s, got a sells pitch and then was told "okay, okay. We can give you 200mb/s for $34.99/mo, plus a $10 credit on your next bill." Sold. It might be worthwhile requesting a smaller monthly charge. It worked out for me.

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