Where can I buy the best bang-for-buck business suit for a wedding?

It has been years since I've been to a wedding (I'm only in my mid 20's), and I have no formal wear of any kind. Apparently, a regular business suit will do.

I don't own a business suit since it would be considered overdressing for my occupation if I walked into a job interview while wearing one (programmers are expected to wear business casual clothes).

I'm not looking to purchase anything fancy, but something with decent quality that will look good on me. Not sure what to expect in terms of price, but I'm expecting to shell out at least $100 for the jacket (I already have black slacks and a dress shirt, if those will suffice), and maybe dent my wallet more with a nice pair of shoes (Walmart shoes are really uncomfortable). How much would a good pair of dress shoes cost?

Since I want to get the best bang-for-buck, I will also definitely consider going to a thrift store to purchase a suit.

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